This course introduces you to journalistic writing. It covers the key differences between writing for the media and academic writing, and why you need to consider your audience if you are to write successfully for a non-academic reader. It will help you generate ideas for articles rooted in your research and expertise and give you an insight into how editors at The Conversation commission. By the end of the course, you will have the tools to write a short article.

Who this course is for:
Academics, PhD candidates and researchers affiliated with institutions that are members of The Conversation and would like to develop journalistic skills to write a short article for The Conversation.

After completing this course, you will be able to:
Explain the difference between journalistic and academic writing
Identify the audience you are writing for and explain why it’s important
Recognise what makes a good story and develop a range of story ideas from your academic research
Write and edit an article using a journalistic writing style

A grey background with text which reads:  I have written 14 articles for The Conversation. My journalistic writing has really improved. I also write for an independent Iraqi journalistic website in Arabic. Writing in English for The Conversation has helped me improve my journalistic skills in my native language. Balsam Mustafa Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow University of Warwick. Beside the text is a headshot of Balsam who has dark brown hair and is wearing a blue top with white spots

This course is led by:

Dale Berning Sawa
Cities + Society Editor
Dale is a freelance features writer (The Guardian, the Times, the Art Newspaper, the Economist, the Quietus, Elephant) covering culture, lifestyle, tech, society and more. She previously worked as commissioning editor on the arts and lifestyle desks at the Guardian.

Pauline McCallion
Senior Business Editor
Pauline has been a journalist for 18 years, mostly writing about business and finance. After covering the impact of the global financial crisis on UK consumers, she moved to the US in 2008 to write about financial regulation, risk management and energy trading. She is now based in Northern Ireland and joins The Conversation UK after a decade as a freelance writer and editor.

Steven Vass
Business + Economy Editor
Steven Vass joined The Conversation in February 2014 after nearly 10 years at the Sunday Herald, first as media correspondent and then as deputy business editor, where he wrote about most aspects of business but particularly energy, the economy and the financial crisis. He previously spent several years as a VSO volunteer in Zambia and several more as a media analyst in London.

Holly Squire
Special Projects Editor
Holly joined The Conversation at the start of 2015 from a background in broadcast journalism and magazine publishing having previously worked at the BBC as a journalist and researcher in radio and television. Holly regularly contributes to The Conversation's podcast The Anthill.

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